User Experience Design

By using the Adobe Creative Suite and other design software, I have been able to explore creativity with User Experience Design

User Research

Through different design research methods, I can pick and choose the most suitable methods to collect research for all users with a specific problem


Taking advantage of softwares such as Sketch, Adobe XD, and InVision, I can create wireframes and prototypes for different devices

Motion Graphics

By using 2D and 3D animations, I can relay a message and tell a story through motion graphics, where I can create communication through visuals

Concept Development

I am capable of understanding different types of mindsets, that allow me to develop ideas by solving design problems

Branding & Identity

I can create logo designs, interface designs, digital/print design and think about how to properly create an identity for all brands



From a young age, I’ve been volunteering at design events, church activities as a youth leader, and I passionately worked with other people. As a recent grad of the Bachelor’s of Interaction Design Program at Sheridan College, I am looking for a job within this field.

I use the skills from working with a vast array of different projects ranging from product design, motion graphics, etc. I have grown a strong liking to both the process and the implementation of creating a compelling design.

When I’m not making the digital world a better place, I can be found singing my heart out, exploring the world or winning at board games!

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