Portfolio Information

  • Skills: After Effects, Physical Computing

Solution: Rocket Recycling

Working with 2 others, we created a physical interactive audio poster. I then later revamped the audio poster by creating a phone app that replaces the poster in a digital form. This app is a game for users to become more aware and learn about recycling.

Goal of the Project

With 2 partners, we were supposed to create a 3 step project that brings awareness to a world issue. We picked recycling as our topic and took time to design a poster that is an interactive audio piece.

Chosen Poster Design

How does it work?

  • We placed three metal boards behind the vinyl poster and stuck the metal wires to the metal board.
  • Three metal boards were used so that it would represent three types of recycling bins and one metal board sat at the bottom of the poster for the items to stay.
  • When the magnet was placed it would activate the Arduino through all the metal.
  • We coded the Arduino so that mp3 files would play on the spots of the three different metal boards, and the mp3 files gave a short explanation of what each bin is for and examples of what can be thrown into the bin.
  • The items on the bottom of the poster all had magnets on them which could move around to prompt the mp3 files.

Website Prototype

We needed to create a site for our topic that we chose. Creating an organization name (Nature’s Plan), we continued to follow this concept and find real information about recycling to complete this site. 

Click on image below to go to site!

Why recycling?

Recycling has become a huge solution overtime. Right now there are many methods to increase recycling to clean up all our waste, however not many people even know or use these methods.

After walking through our own school and realizing how students don’t look at the signs or are just too lazy to care, we thought this would be a great topic to take up. We figured out that not only young people but all ages will do things with interactive features. So we decided to figure out how to make this a fun concept that will also help the environment. This allows anyone and everyone to come up to a poster with curiosity and enjoy the time they spend in front of the poster learning about real issues that need to be overcome.


First video shows the working physical audio poster project made of vinyl, carboard, magnets, metal, mp3 files, arduino, and wiring. 

Second video is an animation of an app concept that could be followed after this physical project for this same issue, and will serve an audience that likes the interaction of games.