Portfolio Information

  • Skills: Adobe XD, User Research


In a group of 4, we were asked to create a business pitch for a solution that solves an industry problem. We took the home health care industry and found out there is a huge problem with nutrition because people don’t know how to connect with nutritionists or find information for better nutrition.

Solution: Nutriplan

A phone application that provides a safe and private connection with your nutritionist or doctor. The application has features that allow you to find a nutritionist or doctor near you, then connect and chat with them, and get a meal plan updated onto your profile by this expert.




How might we

provide natural solutions to health issues, and decrease prescription drug dependencies?

POEMS Analysis

Why do we want to solve this problem?

  • Patients don’t have easy access to nutrition services
  • There is no convenient way of communication
  • People have trouble following meal plans because they don’t have the information and no incentive to continue using health apps
  • Doctors don’t give people the knowledge of improving their lifestyle




How does it work?

  1. Doctors/Nutritionists will be able to use the app to grow and communicate with their client base.
  2. Clients will be able to have an easy method for personal interaction with their doctor/nutritionist expert.
  3. The Expert also has quick access to monitor their clients nutrition, ensuring the patients get the care they need.
  4. NutriPlan was pitched as an app that will get funding through yearly subscription payments, paid by the expert to grow and improve their business.




Demo Video