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  • Skills: Adobe XD, Sketch, User Research


I worked with another classmate by the name of Jessica Tran and we were asked to create an application that is solving a problem for one of the 5 human senses.

The problem we found was for users who are in situations where they cannot respond quickly. Emergency situations like an allergic reaction, kidnapping, getting lost, school lockdowns, etc., do not give the user the time and space to think about calling someone for help. They also may not have a phone around to help them.

Solution: Geopin

A safety pin device that connects to a phone application, using the functions of GPS tracking and voice recording. This safety pin, once clicked, helps people that have allergies, asthma, medical conditions or are in an emergency situation, by alerting the emergency contacts through the app.




How might we

help people in emergency situations that do not have quick responses, have easier access to ask for help?

Who needs the app?


What will the user be doing?

Core User Flow


– One of the features on the app allows the app user to get directions and zoom into users location by GPS, so they can go wherever the device user is

GPS Tracking when safety pin is clicked, the app user will be able to track the device user

Recording: the user with pin is able to hold their finger on top of the pin for longer than 5 seconds to record. Recording gets saved directly into app




How does it work?

It comes in the form of a button sized pin that acts like a safety pin which connects to a piece of clothing on the user. It has a function where the user twists the side of the pin and then puts their finger in the middle for finger recognition. This reduces chances of accidental clicks and also makes sure that the user is aware that they are clicking or getting another user to track them, so no situation such as stalking occurs.


Why Geo-Pin?

It is as simple as having an easy to access device for emergency purposes. Not everyone has the accessibility to a phone and/ or a quick method to letting the people you know that you are in need of help. It is also a natural reaction to panic in an emergency situation, and through panic the user will not know or be capable of finding help.

Aiming to appeal to audiences such as day care centres, preschools, elementary schools, parents with young children, and the elderly, this device is easy to use for any age.


Lockdown, the teacher/staff who is taking care of that class could track down where each and every child is to ensure safety.

Field trip/camp the supervisor will know where the students are and can provide info to the staff and ensure student safety.

Elderly homes could use this device by tracking the workers and/or the old folks in case they get lost, need to be watched over or have medical attention.

On creating this idea, we want our audience to be more aware and in control of certain situations. As this is not a rare issue, we need to accustom the needs of people, by thinking about what they can possibly do to reduce the danger in a situation.

We aim for this so that each user will be able to have fewer worries when it comes to medical attention, getting lost or other types of dangers that may occur to them or their loved ones.