Portfolio Information

  • Skills: Unity, InDesign, Sketch, Design Thinking

Solution: Blue Dot

A virtual reality game using Unity, that is followed after a riddle game through several social media platforms. User will play games to solve problems.

Goal of the Project

In a group of 4, we had to create a visual narrative with a major problem the users need to solve, through interaction on digital platforms.

Our story:
We will be using riddles as our media artifacts, as they will lead the user to answer with actions. 
Pixel, an alien from the planet Xoron was sent on a quest to see if there was life on Earth by his government. The Xoronian government is running low on planet cores that they use to feed their people, but the Xoronian’s don’t like killing life to get it. 
Pixel has to return back to Xoron in a month with a resolve, but his ship crashed on Earth and he can’t get back or communicate with the Xoronian government. If Pixel doesn’t return in a month they will destroy Earth out of desperation. Pixel can speak a bit of English, but he only communicates through the Internet. Who will help him?

You are an Internet genius who wants to help Pixel. You take the time to understand what he is trying to communicate to you through riddles. The fate of Xoron, Pixel and the Earth is dependent on you, do you have what it takes? 

How does it work?

  • We planned to begin with several riddles over a Facebook page.
  • The last riddle would lead them to Snapchat, where one of our team members would manage snapchatting riddles, and maintaining answers.
  • They would then be sent an invitation on Snapchat, regarding a virtual reality event.
  • The virtual reality event would allow the users to come play the end game to save Earth, Xoron and Pixel.


Narrative Timeline
Userflow 1:
Userflow 2:

Why did we choose these platforms?

With a starting point of Facebook, we were able to choose the people we invite, and keep the page open for new people to be invited. We also shared our page and description to Facebook groups that are interested in Virtual Reality, games, and interactive stories. This was the best way for us to get an audience of people. 

We then continued to say we would lead them to Snapchat, where the users can Snapchat us videos and pictures to answer the riddles. However, through trial and error, this became hard for users to understand so we bailed on the idea of using Snapchat.

Our final destination was a virtual reality game using Unity. Although it was my first time using Unity, I overcame the problems and issues with the game just in time for our deadline, which gave us time to try out the game.

Overall, these platforms were used to lead the user to the end game.